Our Values


We value the trust of our customers, building the best product, connecting people to the outdoors, preserving and protecting nature, and building a business that supports Filipinos. 


Value in our Customer's Trust 

We value our customer's trust and only provide the best selection of products that we have tested. We provide a wide array of products for anyone and everyone. We carefully select each of our products and only recommend pieces at the best quality and price. 


Creating the Best Product

We take time to carefully develop, test and design original pieces that perfectly suit everyday movement and activity. 


Connecting People to the Outdoors 

Atletika was created in the beautiful islands of the Philippines and aims to encourage anyone and everyone to #GetOutside and #GetGoing.


Preserving and Protecting Nature

Our environment is facing a quick decline and it is our responsibility to do our part in preserving and protecting our environment. We do our best to steadily change our business practices and methods. We reuse all remaining fabrics from our production line. 


Building a Business that Supports Filipinos 

Our business is founded and based in the Philippines. Atletika supports Filipino workers and employees. Each item is proudly made in the Philippines. We proudly support homegrown products and workmanship.