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About Atletika

Welcome to Atletika, our proudly Filipino-made brand for outdoor and athletic wear. All our items are designed and produced in the Philippines, with the goal of promoting local manufacturing and supporting Filipino livelihoods.


Each product has been carefully sewn piece by piece. Every item purchased helps support and sustain livelihoods of our local seamstresses. All of our items can be used for work or for wear. Whether you’re on the go or on the treadmill, Atletika has got you covered.


Our Story

Launched in 2019, Atletika is the collaboration of sibling duo Johannah and Justin Sy. Born and bred in the island of Negros, they grew up with nature surrounding them. They were raised in a family of swimmers, travelers, and lovers of the sea. With a shared love for the island and for the ocean, both decided to create a brand that would connect Filipinos to the outdoors.

The Philippines is home to over 7000 islands where we can enjoy activities that allow us to live an active lifestyle and discover the environment around us. We created this site with the island and everyone on it in mind. Atletika provides products that everyone can use, from basic everyday wear to outdoor essentials. We want to provide everything you need to #GetOutside and #GetGoing.

As of December 2019, we have released our first and original, women's activewear collection, Flora. Atletika provides women with everyday clothing, meant for everyday errands, meetings, workouts, walks, brunches, and weekend getaways. We want to reinvent everyday wear to maximize everyday comfort. Our Flora collection is a celebration of the everyday woman, it is a celebration of vibrance, energy, love, happiness and strength. 

Here at Atletika it is our mission to support Philippine made products, Filipino workers and employees. Each item is proudly made in the Philippines. We proudly support homegrown products and workmanship.  It is our promise to provide you with the best quality products at the best price. Thank you for letting Atletika be a part of your journey. Let's #GetOutside and #GetGoing together!